South Lodge

South Lodge houses two on site residences and provides a shared kitchen-dining-living space. This student designed-and-built timber-framed building uses recycled local materials, salvaged, and up-cycled objects. It was developed through a series of full-scale prototype mock-ups to tailor the design to the site and anticipated occupation.

The project received an Honorable Mention at the International Architecture Awards 2015.

Carlos Chen
Elizabeth Lawrence
Joseph Dacoronias-Marina
Sarina da Costa Gomez
Stephanie Cramer

Martin Self (Programme Director)
Charley Brentnall
Stewart Dodd
Piers Taylor

Hooke Park Team
Charlie Corry Wright (Workshop Manager)
Christopher Sadd (Head Forester)
Edward Coe (Technical Coordinator)

Arup (Structural Engineering)
Jack Hawker (Site Supervision)
James Stubbs (Site Supervision)
Valerie Bennett (Photography)
BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials, Bath University ()
Buro Happold (Civil Engineering)

Year: 2014