The Cocoon is an inhabitable structure that took its form from a precise weaving through three trees at the fringe of a forest clearing. An ad-hoc monocoque of cedar strips, the structure emerged through a process of ‘bandaging’ until it was stiff enough to hang it from the trees. Four sheets of plywood were cut with a CNC and used as a skeleton guide for the main structure. An important characteristic and advantage of the green and untreated cedar is the high flexibility achieved after milling into thin strips, permitting the cladding strips to bend and take new form.

Feature on Dezeen.

Abdullah Omar
Ashgar Khan
Hugo G. Urrutia
Karjvit Rirermvanich

Martin Self (Programme Director)
Piers Taylor
Charley Brentnall
Brendon Carlin

Hooke Park Team
Charlie Corry Wright (Workshop Manager)
Christopher Sadd (Head Forester)
Edward Coe (Technical Coordinator)

Year: 2011