Plane Normal

Intuition meets automation in a practice for everyday originality. This project combines digital design and fabrication tools with analogue methods of design and traditional carpentry. Working with a robot-mounted bandsaw, bespoke curved components are manufactured from designs generated through geometric and investigative drawing studies.

Working through these different processes provides an opportunity to research the nature of production information that each of them requires in order to achieve a built output. Similarities in terms of geometric concepts and drawing practices are noted and taken as a starting point for designing components. These pieces’ fabrication pushes the bandsaw milling capacity to cut large diameter round logs.

The desire to leave open the opportunity for manual intervention between automated processes provides a space to capitalise on unexpected discoveries. Principle among these are the exciting opportunities opened up by the offcuts which, by virtue of the robotic process, come away whole and offer great potential for new uses.

Thomas Dawson

Martin Self (Programme Director)
Emmanuel Vercruysse
Zachary Mollica (Specialist Lecturer)
Simon Withers (Thesis Tutor)

Hooke Park Team
Charlie Corry Wright (Workshop Manager)
Christopher Sadd (Head Forester)
Michael Arnett

Year: 2018