Jack Draper
Make Tutor

Jack was born in Dorset in 1981 and originally trained as a carpenter. He has pushed his journey as a craftsman forward by working on a variety of different projects with a range of people with varying skill sets, taking inspiration on the way. Rather than ‘self taught,’ Jack describes it as an ‘informal apprenticeship’ – learning from those around him – making sure to absorb their lessons.

Jack’s work is driven by utilitarian design guided by form and proportion that has a distinct respect for the material that it is made from. He believes in traditional craft and challenging the mass-produced furniture market – choosing materials that deserve to be transformed into beautiful functional objects, and designing pieces that have the individual in mind using time tested and new age methods. Jack mainly works with native timbers such as oak, ash and elm, sourced through specialist sawmills.

As Design + Make’s Make Tutor and Project Manager, Jack leads Design + Make students through the making process to realise their visions. His knowledge of craft and experience in making serve to help deliver complex and challenging projects but also enrich what the students learn through their making and contribute to a culture of design which fuses tacit knowledge and haptic design processes with cutting edge technology.

In 2015 Jack won the Marshwood Arts Awards Furniture category.