Edward Coe
Technical Coordinator

Edward grew up with parents who had backgrounds in art and engineering and who designed and built their own house. Edward was involved with all manner of practical tasks from a very early age, from tiling roofs to repairing machinery. After school he studied Engineering, and attended university at Canterbury where he acquired a bachelors degree in Geography and Sociology - as he wished to learn more about ‘people and places’.

Edward has run his own workshop for many years where he designs, builds, modifies and renovates - anything from machines to furniture. He takes great satisfaction developing pieces that look right, and work well. Edward lives semi-off-grid in a timber-constructed tiny house that he designed and built. He also keeps chickens and grows a substantial amount of fruit and vegetables, some of which supplies the Hooke Park kitchen. Edward is also an enthusiastic writer and has had several magazine articles published.

Following his formal education Edward worked for a small timber business where he was heavily involved in the construction and operation of timber sawmill. He then spent a period travelling in Europe in a truck he had rebuilt, after which he worked for himself for a period, before taking up employment with a local technical college, before coming to Hooke Park.

Edward joined Hooke Park in the early days of design and make, and has been heavily involved in co-ordinating the construction work of Design + Make’s projects. Edward’s work includes co-ordinating the timber supply for student projects as well as managing the site-wide heating system and supporting student activities both in the workshop and outside.