Course Tutor [2014–]

Zachary Mollica

Zac is a Canadian architect and experienced maker whose work explores the integration of innovative digital methods alongside traditional craft knowledge. Completing the Design + Make programme Zac led the development of the ‘Tree Fork Truss’ within the Wood Chip Barn student project. After graduating with distinction, he refused to leave the woods, and has since joined the course as a studio design tutor – contributing an intimate knowledge of the place.

Growing up Zac worked with his father and grandfather - both carpenters. Before entering architecture school he studied liberal arts and physics at the University of King’s College and Dalhousie University respectively. Zac completed his undergraduate architectural studies at Dalhousie School of Architecture before going on to work for a number of architecture and design practices in Amsterdam, Lunenburg, Toronto and Vancouver.

Working with Director Emmanuel Vercruysse, Zac is a tutor for the AA’s Robotic Fabrications Visiting School. Together with Make Tutor Jack Draper, he directs the SummerBuild programme.


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