AA Design + Make Masters study at the Architectural Association Hooke Park

Design Studio 3: Hooke Park Project

Format: Term 2, 11 weeks

Studio Masters: Piers Taylor, Martin Self

Make Tutor: Charley Brentnall

Credit weighting: 35 Credits (20%)

Submission: Group-produced Design Report and Construction Documentation, submission date 30 April 2011.

These five months are equivalent to the design phase of a conventional project; at the end of it, the project will be fully defined.  However, we will be working in a design-make mode: an evolving process of mock-ups, prototypes, testing, documentation and re-prototyping leading into full construction of the projects. We aim to eliminate the abstracted processes of conventional office-based design.

How radical can we be? Can we live in the prototypes? Can we source all materials locally? Can we find solutions not possible through any other design route?

The specific programme of this phase will be developed by the students and staff in response to the project brief and design aims, and will build from the research carried out in the initial projects where individual themes and defining preoccupations should have emerged.