AA Design + Make Masters study at the Architectural Association Hooke Park

Design Studio 2: Core Project

Term 1, Weeks 6-10

Studio Tutors: Piers Taylor, Martin Self & Kate Darby

Make Tutor: Charley Brentnall

Credit weighting: 15 Credits (8%)

Submission: Individual design dossier, submission date 9 January 2012.


This project will enable students to use skills that they have been gained in the Induction design studio, become orientated in the Hooke Park landscape and become familiar with the workshop facilities. The structure will also act as a vehicle to explore, research and test ideas that will be developed further in proposals for the Hooke Park Project and may be accommodated in the final built project.


The Solo Primer projects are vehicles for individual design research, carried out within small groups (2-4 people) to design and build full-scale constructed prototypical dwellings sited at Hooke Park.  Within each project, each student will be responsible for an aspect of its design and construction, themed according to the individual design research interest – for example material, structure, relationship to place/context, spatial organization, building environmental performance etc.

The 5-week house projects are to be deeply considered. As constructed design research programmes the projects should radically, rigorously and realistically test the material aspects of construction techniques.

They should not just draw on the immediate context of Hooke Park, but must be clearly situated in terms of theoretical and historical position. Although the themes and preoccupations for the houses will emerge, they could, or perhaps should, acknowledge the conventions and traditions of English house building. Irrespective, they must have applicability in our climatic, material and regulatory context.

They should also be informed by the content of the seminars, and by individual reading relevant to the housing brief. They should be informed by precedent and typological studies and draw on the resources of the AA.

2011 Core Projects here.